Fleecewood Diagonal Weaving Boards

Fleecewood Diagonal Weaving Boards are designed for 10-ply to 12-ply yarns. However, with some minor adjustments yarns of virtually any thicknes can be used.

Standard sizes for square boards are 100 mm, 200mm, 300 mm, and 400 mm. Standard boards come with instructions. You will need a crochet hook (link to sundry woolcraft equipment page) suitable for the size of yarn being used.

Square, rectangular and triangular boards, including scarf boards, of any size are made to order. Please contact us for pricing and to order a non-standard size board.

All diagonal weaving equipment is sold subject to our Retail Sale Terms and Conditions. By placing an order you are agreeing to these terms.

100mm Diagonal Weaving Board
NZ $25.00 + Postage

Or order by email
200mm Diagonal Weaving Board
NZ $35.00 + Postage

Or order by email
300mm Diagonal Weaving Board
NZ $48.00 + Postage

Or order by email
400mm Diagonal Weaving Board
NZ $60.00 + Postage

Or order by email

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