Egg Cosy – an easy first project for children

Egg Cosy – an easy first project for children

Egg Cosy
Anne Grassham

In the days when families sat down to breakfast together, these little wonders were used to keep a boiled egg warm until it was ready to be eaten, in the same way that a tea cosy was used to keep the teapot warm. They formed an ideal first knitting project for children, and I well remember making them for my aunts and uncles, as well as the grandparents.

This project is also ideal for using up small amounts of leftover yarn. The egg cosy in the photo was made from a handspun yarn made from odds and ends of various slivers.

15 – 20 g of double knit (8 ply) or triple knit (12 ply) yarn
Size 4 – 4.5 knitting needles (large needles for thicker yarn)
Darning needle

Loosely cast on 18 stitches for double knit, or 14 stitches for triple knit yarn.
Knit in garter or stocking stitch for 10 cm.
If using stocking stitch, knit one row that would normally be purled (this defines the fold at the top of the egg cosy).
Continue in garter or stocking stitch for another 10 cm.
Cast off loosely (so that cast off does not draw knitting in)
Fold knitting in half, and sew the sides together so the cast on and cast off edges form an opening at one end.

Place the egg cosy over the hot boiled egg to keep it warm until it is ready to be eaten.