Retail Sales Terms and Conditions

Fleecewood welcomes both local and international customers.

Ordering and Paying

1.There are up to four different ways to order products. Customers may:

• Use the “Buy Now” button to order and pay through Paypal.
• Use the email button to place the order. An invoice for the order will be sent and allows payment either by Paypal or direct deposit.
• New Zealand customers may phone to place an order, or leave a voice message. Payment details can be discussed and an invoice sent if requested. We do not return international calls, so we suggest international customers email rather than phone their orders.
• Samples and some products can be ordered using a standardised form that is then emailed to us. There is a link to the form where this option applies. An inovice will be emailed to the customer with Paypal and direct deposit options for paying.

2. We endeavour to honour all orders, but we reserve the right to decline an order, especially if we are unable to supply at the advertised price. Any payments made on declined orders will be reversed, and the details will be emailed to you.

3. Payment must be received by Fleecewood before an order is shipped.

4. We aim to ship orders within 48 hours of receiving payment, and to notify customers of any delays beyond this time frame.


All prices and shipping costs on this website are in New Zealand dollars. Customers wanting to find the price of items in another currency can use the currency converter included within the right column on sales pages.


We endeavour to package goods in way that safe, and that meets postal and legal requirements. We also try to minimise shipping costs by reusing boxes for some shipping. Another way we keep shipping cost down is to vacuum pack fleece and carded wool. This results in a much smaller, shrivelled package. Do not be alarmed when you receive such a package!! Just undo the seal and watch the wool expand to its normal size – like magic. Ensure you dispose of the rubber seal and any plastic bags appropriately, because they can be hazardous for young children.


New Zealand Post is used for most shipping, although Pass the Parcel courier service is used for some parcels delivered to New Zealand addresses. International delivery is by air mail unless other arrangements are made. New Zealand Post advises the expected delivery time is 7-10 days for most international destinations.

Parcel Track and Trace
Fleecewood does not take responsibility for the parcel once it has been placed in the hands of the shipper.

If you want the added assurance of “Trace and Trace” you must request this at the time of ordering. There is an additional payment for this service.

Shipping Insurance
Parcels are insured for up to $250.00 of value. If your order (before shipping) costs more than $250.00 you will need to email us if you want to increase the insured value. There is an additional charge for this service.

Important note for orders shipped to non-New Zealand Addresses – Sales tax and any other costs associated with importing your order into your country is your responsibility. We are happy to discuss any issues with you informally, but we do not take responsibility for any costs incurred by you importing your order into your country. This may include, but is not limited to, taxes and fumigation costs.


Fleecewood offers a moneyback guarantee on all Fleecewood and Wizpick goods that are defective or where they do not meet our expected standard of quality. The guarantee on Ashford product is for replacement in the first instance, or a refund, at our discression.

In the first instance, contact us as soon as possible, but at least within 21 days of the date of sale to discuss the problem. Complaints made more than 21 days after the date of sale will only be covered by this guarantee at our discression, or where required by New Zealand law. “Date of sale” is taken as the date payment was received by us.

Goods will usually need to be returned (but talk to us first!). This guarantee does not include shipping costs.

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